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We would like to thank all the consumers of Gruyère AOP for their loyalty and we would like to thank the milk producers, the cheese makers, the refiners for their work and the heart they put into it. We also thank all the people who make it possible for Le Gruyère AOP to arrive on the shop shelves



World Championship Cheese Contest

Le Gruyère won several medals.

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U.S. Ambassador visits Fritzenhaus cheese dairy

At the World Championship Cheese Contest 2020 in Madison, Michael Spycher's Le Gruyère AOP won first prize.

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Discover why Gruyère AOP's taste is so inimitable

Production zone

Gruyère AOP is rooted in a region that gives it an inimitable flavor and character

Show cheese dairies

Two cheese dairies open their doors for you to discover the production of Gruyère AOP

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