Discover why Gruyère AOP's taste is so inimitable

Production zone

Gruyère AOP is rooted in a region that gives it an inimitable flavor and character


Did you know that the Gruyère AOP is produced since the year 1115 in the region of Gruyere?




The Gruyère of Corcelles-le-Jorat receives an award

The award was presented by the Vaud Councillor of State, Mr. Philippe Leuba, during a convivial ceremony on the 16th October 2018.

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Results of the alp cheese competition in Olma

Prizes for Le Gruyère d'Alpage AOP

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07.09.2018 - 23.03.2019


Throughout the winter season, the HC Fribourg Gottéron displays colors of Gruyère AOP on his jersey and around the ice

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21.10.2018 - 25.10.2018

Salon International de l'Alimentation

The Salon International de l'Alimentation will be held in Paris

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