Given the current situation, only material directly related to the sale of Gruyère AOP can be ordered.
Thank you for your understanding.


Special rate for members of the Interprofession
International delivery available.

Members of the sector

Special rates are available for members of the Interprofession du Gruyère AOP.
Members can order online, and prices will be provided upon receipt of the order.

If in doubt, please contact the IPG

Latest additions

Kitchen apron Le Gruyère AOP
CHF 55.00 HT

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Cuban style cap Gruyère AOP
CHF 12.00 HT

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Fun Kids
CHF 1.50 HT

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Wooden spatula
CHF 8.00 HT

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Cheese knife in the shape of a cheese wheel
CHF 64.00 HT

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Sachets for 400g of fondue
CHF 420.00 HT

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Sachets for 600 g of fondue
CHF 500.00 HT

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Antistress cow Le Gruyère AOP
CHF 2.50 HT

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Swiss knife Gruyère AOP
CHF 40.00 HT

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Gruyère AOP tarp messenger bag
CHF 120.00 HT

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Key-ring Le Gruyère AOP
CHF 7.50 HT

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Doormat Le Gruyère AOP
CHF 60.00 HT

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Spiral bound A5 notebook
CHF 6.00 HT

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Cotton bag Le Gruyère AOP
CHF 7.00 HT

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Microfibre cloth
CHF 14.00 HT

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Recyclable plastic shopping bags
CHF 180.00 HT

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Films about Gruyère AOP
CHF 20.00 HT

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