Results of Le Gruyère AOP Cheese Challenge

Position Name Surname Number of Le Gruyère AOP's pieces
1 Klaebo  Johannes Hoesflot 3
2 Johaug  Therese 2
3 Niskanen  Iivo 2
4 Iversen Emil 2
5 - -  
6 - -  
7 - -  
8 - -  
9 - -  
10 - -  

Le Gruyère AOP Cheese Challenge


Le Gruyère AOP is known as a long-term partner of the FIS Cross-Country World Cup and supports the Nordic sport since the season 2015/16 as a premium sponsor. FIS Cross-Country is excited to partner up for a new challenge this upcoming season 2019/20.


« Le Gruyère AOP Cheese Challenge » is designed to award athletes that collect the most podium spots during World Cups events that are supported by Le Gruyère AOP. Athletes that successfully claimed a spot on the podium will not only receive a piece of Le Gruyère AOP cheese at the ceremony but also enter the official cheese challenge ranking.


At relay competitions, each team member of the successful podium teams will receive a piece of Le Gruyère AOP cheese which counts individually for them.


The amount of won pieces of cheese will be counted virtually and the current standing will be published every Monday at 5pm on Le Gruyère AOP website and the FIS channels.


Le Gruyère AOP throughout the FIS Cross-Country World Cup Season 2019/20


Le Gruyère AOP will be present at the following venues: Ruka Nordic, Davos Nordic, Tour de Ski including Lenzerheide, Toblach and Val di Fiemme, Oberstdorf, Falun, Tour de Ski 2020 including Östersund, Åre, Storlien-Meraker and Trondheim as well as Lahti, Québec and Canmore.


The winner of the «Le Gruyère AOP Cheese Challenge» awaits a thrilling three-day trip for two to the legendary «La Maison du Gruyère» in Switzerland upon invitation by Le Gruyère AOP. Second and third placed will receive an all-inclusive Fondue set.