07.10.2019 Contest

Swiss local food competition

During the Swiss local food competition which took place the weekend of the 28th of September 2019, several medals have been discerned to le Gruyère AOP.

The goal of the competition is to create a direct contact between the producer and the consumer. 

During the national medals award, le Gruyère AOP has been rewarded many time :
Goldmedals  :

Le Gruyère AOP:

  • Dairy Echarlens, Frédéric Pasquier, matured by Mifroma SA, Ursy
  • Dairy L'Auberson, Vincent Tyrode matured byMargot Fromages SA, Yverdon-les-Bains
  • Dairy Moléson SA, Michel Grossrieder matured by Fromage Gruyère SA, Bulle

Bio Fondue mix :

  • Dairy Echarlens, Frédéric Pasquier

Fondue moitié-moitié :

  • Dairy Friesenheid, Louis-Alexandre Yerly

Silvermedals :

Le Gruyère AOP :

  • Dairy Grandcour, Jean-Daniel Jaeggi, matured by Fromco SA, Moudon

Le Gruyère AOP Bio :

  • Dairy Les Moulins, Pierre Buchillier, matured by Fromco SA, Moudon 

Fondue mix :

  • Dairy Echarlens, Frédéric Pasquier
  • Dairy Sommentier, Erich Hunkeler
  • Dairy Moléson SA, Michel Grossrieder

Bronzemedals :

Le Gruyère AOP :

  • Dairy Sommentier, Erich Hunkeler, matured by Fromage Gruyère SA, Bulle
  • Dairy Pomy, Christophe Cujean, matured by Mifroma SA, Ursy

Le Gruyère d'Alpage AOP :

  • Alp Tissiniva, Jacques Ruffieux, matured by Coopérative fribourgeoise des producteurs de fromages d'Alpage 


Cordial congratulations to the artisans who made this results possible!

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