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Welcome to our guests.... The americans 

Le Gruyère AOp is going perfectly well. Welcomed on all the tables around the world – for an apéro , as a main dish, or as a cheese plate, or even for a desert, it is today a cheese you can’t forget .

Le Gruyère AOP is very active abroad and exported in over 60 countries. In the year 2016, 29'136 tons Gruyère AOP left the maturing cellar. 12'106 tons were exported. With more than 3,000 tons in the year 2016, the United States is the most important export country, reprensenting an import of  around 10% of the production.


Discover the Gruyère AOP - thanks to the American cheese Society Contest (ACS)

To thank this promising market, Le Gruyère AOP organised in 2016 a competition for the Certified Cheese Specialists in USA (CCP’s) . The win of this contest was a trip to discover the entire production process of Gruyère AOP in its region of production, in Switzerland. From the 29. May until 2. June , Le Gruyère AOP is welcoming the 3 American winners.

Ann, Wendy and Izzy, all three "Certified Cheese Professionals" won the competition. Their results were so interesting that Le Gruyère AOP decided not only to welcome one of them, but three winners. Unusual, but why not?


A few words about the 3 American Winners

Ann Campbell is currently at Di Bruno Bros in Philadelphia. Wendy Johnson is working for Whole Foods Market in Albuquerque (New Mexico). And Izzy (Isabelle) Creveling is currently working with Peterson Cheese Company. She is responsible for a cheese truck- she goes directly to the customers and chefs, retailers, etc.. In addition to their journey in our beautiful region these three Americans will share a rather special day, a cultural exchange was an ideal opportunity...


Cultural exchange around the Gruyère AOP

Their visit is a great opportunity to gather people that would never have had the opportunity to meet. We are of the view that their experience and their culture is really worth a lot of attention. Therefore we decided to organise a real cultural exchange around the Gruyère AOP. On Thursday, 1. June, we organise an intercultural day will take place, where we will have the the view of 3 Americans, 2 Belgians, 2 Frenchs and 2 Swiss Cheese Specialists. They will discuss and work around cheese plate.

Véronique Socie, best Belgian cheese specialist 2016, and Vincent Verleyen, best Belgian cheese specialist 2014 and final participants in the cheese world championships 2015 in Tours will be present. But this selection would be incomplete without our French friends. Both Benoît Charron, President of the Union fromagère de Rhone Alpes as well as Eric Houlbert, cheese specialist from Issoire in the Auvergne region are also to be part of this.

And Sandrine Monard, cheese specialist in the Gruyère AOP cheese dairy of Les Ponts-de-Martel will represent our country with Marco Canova, in charge of the Cheese School of Switzerland .

This 1. June is a cozy event, which will allow the culture of each individual to meet each other’s culture, and this around one subject : the cheese plate.

Le Gruyère AOP is very proud to allow our cheese specialists, the key actors in the promotion of our product, a exchange of their habits, cultures, value estimates in a pleasant and friendly environment.

But in fact, why does Le Gruyère AOP have such a success in the United States? And also in Belgium as well as numerous other countries? Our guests could give maybe help us understand ?


For questions:

Philippe Bardet, Director of the Interprofession du Gruyère, 0041.79.317.82.61

Rousseau Laure – Marketing – American Market – 0041.79.628.20.33


Pringy, the 22 May 2016


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