07.05.2014 Contest

Live athletics with Gruyère AOP

Play and win!

Day packages to be won for the most important athletics meetings! 

Gruyère AOP sponsors a range of discipines in the field of ahtletics in Europe. 

Play and win with Gruyère AOP (until 10 June). Day packages to be won for the European Athletics Championship 2014 or for Weltklasse Zürich or Athlétissima 2014

It is very easy: Send your answer, together with your full address adn contact details by email to

What makes the difference between Gruyère AOP mild, mature, old?

a) How long the Gruyère AOP is aged.

b) How long the milk is heated.

c) How old the cow is.


1st - 5th price: 5 x 2 tickts for European Athletics Championships in Zurich 12-17 August 2014.

6th - 7th price: 2 x 2 tickets for Weltklasse Zurich on the 28 of August 2014.

8th and 9th price: 2 x 2 tickets for Athlétissima in Lausanne on the 3rd of July 2014.


Competition rules:

The closing date for entries to the competition organised by the Gruyères-based Interprofession du Gruyère is June 10th 2014. Entry is free and no purchase is necessary. Employees of the company, it's agents and all related parties are excluded from the competition. the judges' decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into in this regard. Competition prizes may not be exchanged for cash.

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