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Le Gruyère AOP follows on the road to excellence

On this 12 November 2014, the Interprofession is meeting in Marin to celebrate its members and especially its cheese makers.

Indeed, the cheese makers with the best qualitative averages of production over a span of five years are honoured today. The strict criteria are the presence of openings, the quality and structure of the paste, its outer appearance and its taste.

All the productions with an average of more than 19 points during this length of time were invited to receive a diploma or a bronze, silver or gold medal. Of the 170 village cheese dairies, 40 will receive a distinction. As for the 53 Gruyère d’Alpage AOP producers, 14 will receive a distinction.

The cheese dairy of Le Crêt, led by Mr. Jean-Marie Dunand, achieved the best average with 19.62 of 20 possible points. As for the Gruyère d’Alpage AOP, the Alp Brenleires, run by the Esseiva family, is rewarded with an average of 19,82 of 20 points.
After the brilliant results obtained at the Swiss Cheese Awards as well as at the OLMA alp cheese competition, these rewards highlight the excellent quality overall of the Gruyère AOP Interprofession members. It is important to stress out the work done on a daily basis by the milk producer, the cheese maker and the refiner to bring on the market a beautifully crafted Gruyère AOP.
This Interprofession approach requires a constant attention to the quality, a solid basis relying on education and continued training, as well as a defense of the name Gruyère at national and international level. It is indeed primordial that everybody’s efforts are not destroyed by usurpers of all kinds.
It is worth noting the price awarded to the Interprofession du Gruyère by the organization Parmigiano Reggiano at the end of October for its combat in the realm of the defense of the mark Gruyère AOP on the American market.
Le Gruyère AOP deserves its space on the market but nothing is possible if the quality is not guaranteed. It is what the Interprofession du Gruyère honours this 12 November in Marin.

The list of distinctions is to be found here.

Interprofession du Gruyère

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