A traditional cheese

AOP, a label synonymous with character...
The subtle and characteristic taste of Gruyère AOP is attributed to high-quality raw milk, which comes from cows fed on grass in summer and hay in winter, and to the expertise of milk producers, master cheese-makers and affineurs (maturers).

Le Gruyère AOP - a production true to tradition

Since centuries the same recipe! The production process has been maintained since the origins of Gruyère. It is strictly respected by the cheese makers, who follow the AOP specifications

This production mode gives Gruyère AOP its famous distinctive flavor. It thus comes as no surprise that this genuine gift of nature is popular among connoisseurs throughout the world.

It is thanks to the milk producers, the master cheese-makers and the affineurs that the Gruyère AOP has this distinctive flavor.


Marking: a protection for the consumer

Each piece is systematically identified both through the number of the cheese wheel and of the cheese dairy. The manufacturing date and month also appear on the wheel. These markings are made with casein, the main protein in cheese. Once again, without any additives or artificial flavors.


The Gruyère AOP label and the number of the production site appear on the heel of each wheel of Gruyère AOP: a suitable way to prevent fraudulent production and to guarantee its authenticity.


This technique uses marked steel sheets in order to emboss the cheese wheel. This marking thus gives it its identity and its traceability.


Gruyère on your dining table 

Gruyère AOP holds a distinguished place on all cheese platters, and can be used to prepare cold and hot savory dishes. Furthermore, a real fondue cannot be made without genuine Gruyère AOP.